Movie Review: Death Race

I’ve always secretly liked Paul WS Anderson as a director, ever since I saw Mortal Kombat (there can only be one).  I even liked Soldier, with Kurt Russell playing a near-autistic killing machine trying to function in a normal human society.  Resident Evil was a good film.  Let’s not mention Aliens vs Predator here, though.  Anyway, Death Race is a decent B-grade SF film, enjoyable but let down by the stupidity of the villain/the race logistics and the stupidity of the ending.

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Movie Review: Max Payne

I usually like B-grade SF movies, but this wasn’t done very well. Everyone was overacting, perhaps to try and capture a noir sense of style. It wasn’t done consistently, so it created an odd, jarring tone. Also, everyone was reacting to Max Payne’s aura of bad-assery, as though it was visible shockfront of sheer grim, avenging, lone wolf cop personality.

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Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone – Review, Sort Of

Currently reading all of the HP books in preparation for Saturday. Yes, I know spoilers have been leaked on the net, but I’ve been steadfastly avoiding them. Here’s my take on Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone and the series.

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Harry Potter 5 Movie “…and the Order of the Phoenix”

Just back from seeing the latest Harry Potter movie with a Camarilla/cosplayer group. (All Slytherin. One of the coolest things was, when, after the movie was over and people were taking pictures of the group, a girl asked, “Why are you all dressed as Slytherin?” with a horrified, terrified expression on her face.)

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