Yamazakura, The Cherry Tree in the Hills and Endings that Just Stop

Currently, I’m nearly at the end of my week at the Japanese film festival.

I was puzzled by the ending of tonight’s movie: ‘The Cherry Tree in the Hills’ or ‘Yamazakura’. I’m going to spoil this horribly so I can talk about, so here’s a handy cut…
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Movie Review: Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen

The first Transformers movie had a plotline reminiscent of disaster movies coupled with the boy and his alien best friend/car storyline. And it worked – the narrative felt cohesive, despite some wonky plotlines and dodgy comic relief characters. And there were some awesome giant robot combat scenes and cool scenes of stuff blowing up.

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Movie Review: The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas

I didn’t really enjoy this movie.  Not because of its subject matter, but because I didn’t think it was a good movie.  Let me explain in a bit, given that the movie is otherwise well-directed and acted out in crisp-sounding English accents.

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Movie Review: Star Trek

I got invited by my friend Anna to a special mystery movie screening last night.  I was expecting some blah romcom, but it turned out to be the new Star Trek movie!  The screening turned out to be a test screening to see how well Star Trek would go down well with a mainstream audience.  (I suspect I may have skewed their demographics somewhat, being more fan than mainstream!)

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Movie Review: Underworld 3: Rise of the Lycans

This entry into the Underworld series felt more coherent than its predecessors/sequels, partially because the plot is really simple. If you can remember Lucian’s flashback about his angsty past in Underworld 1, well this is it, expanded out into a full movie as Underworld 3 for your viewing pleasure. Not plot twists or turns or anything to detract from the melodramatic tragedy unfolding.

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Movie Review: Changeling

This film was quite good, if a bit slow and veering between its sequence of set pieces. In 1928, Christine Collins comes home from work to find her son missing. Five months later, the police find her son – only it’s the wrong kid, but she’s emotionally battered into taking the fake kid anyway, and then thrown into turmoil when she tries to get the police to start looking for her real son. Experts declare that the titular ‘Changeling’ is her real son, and that she can’t recognise him due to her emotional stress and trauma.

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