Movie Reviews: Rambo, Jumper, Rendition

Capsule movie reviews! Rambo, Jumper and Rendition.

Rambo. I enjoyed this one.  It’s got lots of bloody gore and violence, some fun British mercs.  I salute you, 80s action films! (If only someone would remake some of the classic ninja movies again.)  I’m not sure that the movie was really trying to say ‘anything’, but it works as a final coda to Rambo’s life in that he comes to peace with the realisation he is a violent bloodbath waiting to happen (look, I know he did that in the previous movies, okay? But I’m sure this is the final, final realisation.)  And he can set that aside and go home.  All of the minor characters were well drawn, even the psychotic ones, and there were some good set action pieces.  Just don’t think it’s anything more than it is.

Jumper.  It had some good action sequences it – loved that teleport fight. And teleporting car.  And, uhhh – okay, the story isn’t very good. Why are the paladins hunting down the teleporters for? Whyyyy? Where are they getting their funding from?  What if I discovered I had teleport powers and tried to set myself up as an international courier and make money legitimately? Would I be taken by the paladin-conspiracy that must operate at the highest levels of government or something? I think I’m thinking too much about this.  And I wished the kid from the prologue had played David throughout the entire movie. It’s watchable for cool action bits, but please ignore the bits where people are talking and y’know, acting.  I think it would have made a better music video.  Or a console game.  And the unintelligible guy was supposed to be Irish – his accept sounded to me like it was wobbling all over the place.

Rendition. The trailer promised me a tight, taunt thriller about a woman navigating governmental secrets in order to find her husband, kidnapped as part of an ‘extraordinary rendition’ as being a suspected terrorist. But the main storyline is really about Fatima and her relationship with her boyfriend and father.  This storyline really dragged out and confused the overall arc of the movie. And at the end of it, I don’t think it really added anything to the movie, apart from a ‘terrorists/brutal police ministers are people too with people they care about’ angle.  I didn’t guess the plot ‘twist’ early (my record is still picking the ending of Sixth Sense in the opening five minutes), but when I got it, I still didn’t think it added much – I enjoyed the scenes with the American characters much better.  It would have been a much stronger piece if it had focused on the Jake Gyllenhaal/Reese Witherspoon rescuing Anwar arc.  And  it’s nice to know in Movieland I can tell the press all of the evil things the government is doing and it changes everything because the people get up, are disgusted and fume with moral outrage.  That’s what ticked me off about the Serenity movie (which I must return to divaflip  some time); the entire ‘tell the world’ deal doesn’t work due to apathy and I’m sick of seeing as a storytelling device.

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