Pseudonymously Yours

personal_iconI sent a short story off today! Hurray. It got rejected last year, but this time for sure. I was thinking using a pseudonym. Apparently, male readers prefer male authors, and since I want to become the greatest, best-selling fantasy author in the universe and garner renown through all time and space (I thought I would start with modest ambitions), I’m more likely to be read by the other half of the market if I cunningly disguise my gender to enhance my mass-market appeal.

I could do initials “B.R. Kelly” but this gets pronounced as “Beer Kelly”. I could do a gender-neutralish pseudonym such as “Alex Kelly” or “Sam Kelly”. Or I could do a name so masculine that my gender identity would never be in doubt, such as “Duke Butchman”, with only side effect of being mistaken for a gay porn novelist. But if I change my name, how will the readers of my previous short story and Transformers fan fiction track me down?

I went with the name prominently smeared all of this blog, but will see what I need to rule the universe, er, become a full-time writer…