Movie Reviews: Elizabeth: The Golden Age and Hitman

Capsule reviews – Elizabeth: the Golden Age and Hitman!

Elizabeth: The Golden Age. Slow, dull plot involving Queen Elizabeth and the scheme of Philip of Spain to usurp her.  And Elizabeth’s up-and-down relationship with Walter Raleigh and her maid. The romance plot would have been better if Clive Owen could emote the sort of unstable passion he’s suppose to be inspiring in Elizabeth; all I could see was Cate Blanchett’s reflection, in her acting, of what Raleigh was supposed to be.  Clive Owen is pleasant, but a rather bland brick in this film; he’s incapable of bringing across sense of danger, instability and life that I think his character should have. As a romance, it fizzles due to poor chemistry.

The Catholics spend lots of time scheming and wearing black and doing mysterious things in cellars, but in the end the threat sort of peters out.  Still, there’s lots of lovely shots, beautifully framed with bright colours and a pretty sequence of gowns that Elizabeth goes through that I suspect represent clever themes and emotional states, were I bothered to work them out properly.  Half arsedly, these were  blue: emo Elizabeth, green: unstable jealous Elizabeth, white, acceptance of being the virgin Queen and that her people are her children, and didn’t we learn that at the end of the previous movie?   Enjoyable it, but mostly for Cate Blanchette and the costume fest.

Hitman. He’s  a hitman, agent 47, and kills things for the Mysterious Organisation. I haven’t played the video game, but this was a competent, enjoyable movie, although one wonders why Interpol hasn’t connected the trail of bald, barcoded assassin bodies back to the Mysterious Organisation yet, and why none of the aforementioned assassins invest in hats and wigs as disguises. And the villain’s plot doesn’t make much sense if you think about it too hard, which I didn’t. Agent 47 is suitable cool in his pressed suit, cool guns are posed with and lots of people get shot up.

Must see brain food movie next, possibly Atonement.

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  1. Re: Elizabeth – a friend reckons that with freeze-frame, you’ll be able to pinpoint the exact moment in the battle with the Spanish Armada that Raleigh turns into Captain Jack Sparrow.

    For my part, I reckon any plan that ends up with you, in the English Channel, with no ship, in the middle of a storm, is a Bad Plan.

    1. At least if Owen had gone totally Jack Sparrow for the entire length of the movie, the draggy romance scenes would have vastly been more entertaining. The English defense plan didn’t make much sense, and it was a bit hard to see how the five fire ships could decimate the entire Armada, especially with the English commanders moping in the command tent. Still, these films are mostly about style over substance, and it gave Lizzie a good chance to pose in her plate mail, ride a white horse and give an Impressive Speech.

  2. I highly recommend both Michael Clayton and Eastern Promises

    I had socks before watching both films. Post film?

    No socks.


    Good to hear that Hitman is worth checking out though – Rotten Tomatoes panned it, so I’d thought to avoid it, given that I’m tired of brain-dead genre film, and it makes me cry to see Timothy Olyphant used badly. See: Die Hard 4.0. (he is so awesome in Deadwood)

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