Movie Review: Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen

The first Transformers movie had a plotline reminiscent of disaster movies coupled with the boy and his alien best friend/car storyline. And it worked – the narrative felt cohesive, despite some wonky plotlines and dodgy comic relief characters. And there were some awesome giant robot combat scenes and cool scenes of stuff blowing up.

Which brings me to the second movie. Well, there’s some awesome giant robot combat scenes and cool scenes of stuff blowing up. But the overall arc of the film is buried in lots of padding, like a million monkeys had their opinion on what would make a good sequel.

Good bits – the humans and Autobots are teaming up to fight Decepticons around the globe. The opening action sequence is excellent. And in the human plotline, Sam is going off to college and gets infected with an alien memetic virus from the remnants of the All-Spark cube. And then there’s some cool bits with a ‘Pretender’ transformer and Soundwave and Ravage showing up and explodey bits.

And then it snowballs into a mess from there. The new administration wants to get rid of the Autobots on the hypothesis that they are bringing Decepticons to Earth. (Is this an anti-Obama message?) I was hoping another Pretender would be involved, but alas this was not the case.

And then a whole bunch of stuff I didn’t like. The two hilly-billy Autobots, the return of John Turturro’s stupid character, the Lara Croft chase to the pyramids, the sort of confused ending battle, the fact that if Transformers require Energon which can only be derived from blowing up the sun with the super weapon and… Arrgh! Why is Megatron taking orders from this Fallen’ guy? Calling him ‘my master’ in a Sith Lord-like manner? If you’re going to bring Megatron back, don’t make him such a pussy! At least Starscream had some good scenes and was properly in character. And there’s no wrap up properly at the end for the Transformer characters….

So, not bad. But rather incohesive. And when I was at Parramatta, I’ve discovered that one of my favourite cafes, Oscars, is closed. Arrgh, where will I get my banana-and-passionfruit smoothies from now? Arrrggh!

So, overall – six out of ten transforming cars/howls of incoherent rage.

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