David Eddings RIP

I’ve just read on some newsfeed somewhere that David Eddings passed away on 2 June.


As a kid, I loved the Belgariad. I read it over and over again. That’s great YA fiction right there. Sure, Eddings repeated himself a lot in his later works but I just remember the magic of reading that series as a kid in school and arguing for hours with friends in the school library about what those prophecies all meant and how the names should be pronounced and worried sick who would die during the Malloreon because someone was prophesied to die…

My favourite character was actually the ‘prophecy’, the sarcasting ‘dry voice in Garion’s mind’ that nipped at Garion to get back on the path of his quest, like an irritable GM. I loved how those two interacted. And Polgara, Polgara was awesome.

Thanks for those great books, David Eddings.

2 thoughts on “David Eddings RIP”

  1. Aww, nuts. 🙁

    I read the hell out of the Tamuli in high school – I loved that stuff. I’m mighty wary of reading them again for fear of spoiling that.

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