Movie Reviews: Only Lovers Left Alive

movie_iconI heard the term ‘experiential’ in a film review once. Don’t read anything about the movie, the reviewer urged. You have to “experience” it first.
And by Jove, I think I just encountered such a beast, an experiential film! And existential too. This is Jim Jarmusch’s “Only Lovers Left Alive”, a film about, well… vampires and ennui and stagnation and rock’n’roll… You may want to see this film because of it’s extreme nerd-cred – Loki, the White Witch, the Angel Gabriel, Pavel Chekov, Doctor Who, Alice-in-Wonderland and Beetee are all starring in it! (Or their actors, at any rate.)

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Movie Review: Oz, the Great and Terrible

This was a rather pretty film, but well, how do I put it? Well, it’s a bit dumb. Ostensibly a prequel to the famous, 1930s MGM film with Judy Garland, this movie doesn’t really convince me that the origin story for the Wizard of Oz needed to be told. It wasn’t a ‘Wicked’ style revision to the Wizard of Oz character; more just a plodding prequel that ruins the entire point of the Wizard of Oz character.

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Yamazakura, The Cherry Tree in the Hills and Endings that Just Stop

Currently, I’m nearly at the end of my week at the Japanese film festival.

I was puzzled by the ending of tonight’s movie: ‘The Cherry Tree in the Hills’ or ‘Yamazakura’. I’m going to spoil this horribly so I can talk about, so here’s a handy cut…
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