Publication News! – “The Peripheral People”

writing_iconI have a short story published! ‘The Peripheral People’ is in the current issue, 63, of Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine. It’s also the sequel to ‘The Torgaine of Ysengarth’, a story I wrote back in 2006. However, you don’t need to read the first story to enjoy this fine issue of ASIM. It’s a semi-comical story about a witch who travels around different worlds and solves peoples’ problems… the way she thinks is best for them. Imagine a strange combination of the Doctor and Granny Weatherwax. I hope you check it out and enjoy it.

The City of Tomorrow, Chapter 1

writing_iconI’ve got the first chapter of my novel here to tempt people into reading the entire thing and sending me feedback. It’s an urban fantasy, about a detective investigating the murder of a city. The entire MS is about 120K words. If that sounds like your cup of tea, please let me know!

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DjVu – A PDF Alternative

gears_icon While I own an iPad, I’m not a big fan of reading on it. I can play games on it and browse the web, but when it comes to reading books and PDFs, I just don’t like doing it on the iPad for very long. A few years ago, I bought a giant-size ereader, the Onyx M92, to handle my PDF collection. Only it wasn’t terribly good at rendering large PDF files. It would display blank pages if the graphics were too complicated and it took a long time to turn the page. So I put it the back of the drawer to gather dust.

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Movie Reviews: Only Lovers Left Alive

movie_iconI heard the term ‘experiential’ in a film review once. Don’t read anything about the movie, the reviewer urged. You have to “experience” it first.
And by Jove, I think I just encountered such a beast, an experiential film! And existential too. This is Jim Jarmusch’s “Only Lovers Left Alive”, a film about, well… vampires and ennui and stagnation and rock’n’roll… You may want to see this film because of it’s extreme nerd-cred – Loki, the White Witch, the Angel Gabriel, Pavel Chekov, Doctor Who, Alice-in-Wonderland and Beetee are all starring in it! (Or their actors, at any rate.)

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